Managing your technology

Althea is one of the world’s largest independent provider of medical equipment services. We manage 1.4 million medical devices in 2,700 hospitals and healthcare establishments across 17 countries.

Althea UK and Ireland works with over 300 hospitals to unlock the long-term potential of technology with a commitment to better healthcare. By providing a single outsourced capability we offer patient-centric services across all clinical modalities.

Althea UK & Ireland brings together multiple vendors and service agreements into a single, unified contract - saving money, improving efficiency and freeing your time to focus on patient care.

How to buy our services in the UK and Ireland?

Althea features on a number of NHS Frameworks having been appointed onto each after a rigorous OJEU tender process. Alternatively, following the new Public Contracts Regulations 2015, healthcare providers can access Open, Restricted, Competitive with Negotiation, and Competitive Dialogue procedures. Where services are below the OJEU threshold – e.g. individual maintenance contracts or equipment rentals – these can be procured directly from us. For further information please contact 0118 900 8100.

What Althea UK & Ireland Gives:

  • Over 18 years' experience delivering services to NHS, HSE and private hospitals
  • More than 350 local staff with healthcare knowledge and technical excellence
  • Constant focus on patient outcomes and customer satisfaction
  • Holistic managed services across all clinical disciplines
  • Bespoke IT infrastructure for clinical consumables management
  • Access to global Centres of Excellence and specialised workshops and laboratories
  • Continuous innovation to support better patient outcomes

What you receive from Althea UK & Ireland

  • Significant operational efficiencies and financial savings
  • A single point–of-contact for the entire technology portfolio
  • Service delivery 7-days a week, 365-days a year
  • Largest on-shore stock of spare parts tailored to your hospital's equipment fleet
  • Vendor-independent technology advice and full clinical choice
  • OEM-trained engineers and technicians
  • Faster repair times and reduced equipment downtime